Automatic Diecutting & Die Punching Machine

Automatic Die Cutting Machine MAXIMA EXB 35

Automatic Die Cutting Machine – Technical Specification MAXIMA EXB 35
Maximum Sheet Size 635mm x 905mm (25” x 35.6”)
Minimum Sheet Size 305mm x 355mm ( 12” x 14”)
Maximum Cutting Size 615mm x 895mm (24.2” x 35.2”)
Paper Thickness 0.1 mm to 1.5mm
Maximum Cutting Pressure 180 Ton
Gripper Margin Setting 7-13mm
Maximum Cutting Speed 5000 Sheet/Hour
Feeding Pile Height 1000mm
Delivery Pile Height 825mm
Total Power 8 kw(l IHP)
Size of Machine L 3.8 mtr. x W 2.2 mtr. x H 1.9 mtr.
L 12.5’ x W 7’ x H 6.2’
Size of Machine (Incl. Platform) L 3.8 mtr. x W 2.8 mtr. x H 1.9 mtr.
L 12.5’ x W 9’ x H 6.2’
Total Weight Approx. 8000 Kg.
’Specifications and features are subject to change without prior notice.

Automatic Die Cutting Machine Features

  • Sturdy, smooth performance and economic die punching machine.
  • Manufactured under stringent quality norms.
  • With critical components imported from European countires.
  • With speed, accuracy and excellent incomparable performance.
  • Fully Oil bath Machine.
  • Compact size, very less floor space required.
  • Very less power Consumption.
  • Special designed feeder for high speed and accurate feeding.
  • Excellent versatility (suitable for small quantities and mass production).
  • Specially designed as operator friendly.
  • Safety designed to prevent operational accidents.
  • Simple easy operation of die cutting machine from eighter side as assisted by PLC control.
  • Minimum maintenance and environment friendly.
  • Double sheet detector.
  • Controlled by PLC, for fault detection.
  • Self-diagnosis system with information system.
  • Sheet punching in clear and accurate shape.
  • Quick job changeover system by 4+ I mm attachment.

Die Cutting Section

  • Due to stringent selection of materials we ensure accurate, precise and long lasting cutting performance.
  • Rigid toggle design for smoother working at maximum die cutting pressure.
  • Cutting chase turn over device for quick change over operation.
  • Computerized control touch screen display system for immediate tracing and visual machine status and possible machine stop causes.
  • Safety clutch of main chain drive emergently stops the machine when an overload occurs due to machine or operator fault.
  • Gripper bars made of light weight and durable aluminum alloy ensures accurate paper registrations.
  • Accurate die cutting at high speed for desired quantity production.
  • Uniform cutting pressure can be adjusted with simple turning of wheel for uniform and even output.
Diecutting Section of Diecutting Machinery
Die Cutting Machinery Feeder Section


  • Special designed feeder for high speed and accurate feeding.
  • Suction unit with multiple adjustments and fully adjustable suction cups.
  • The most flexible type of unit to accommodate most of the materials like paper, board, laminate sheets etc.
  • The feeder is easy to handle, requires minimum setting time, allowing precise feeding.
  • Adjustable Double sheet detector.
  • Safety photo electric device prevent over-ascending and over-descending of paper pile
  • Electronically controlled micro adjustment for up and down pile tabel.
  • Pre-Loading attachment.

Feed Table

  • Front lay & side lays with micro adjustment for accurate paper positioning.
  • Pull side lays are on both sides of feed table.
  • Front lay register is controlled by photo sensors.
Feed Table Section of Diecutting Machinery
Diecutting Machine Delivery Section

Delivery Section

  • Constant, precise and automatic pilling of sheets on pallet without stopping of machine, to deliver neatly cut out sheets & counted for desired numbers.
  • Joggers are adjustable to the sheet size to set every sheet in to perfect position.
  • Safety photo electric device prevent over-ascending and over-descending of paper file.

Control Panel

  • All Components are branded and CE Marked.
  • All key parameters visible on HMI.
  • Siemens Automation based machine.
  • Reliable Automation system with minimum down time, faster in execution, highly precious.
  • Most reliable variable Frequency drive unit of Siemens used for Main motor operation.
  • Control Panel & automation system is design in such a way that diagnostics & trouble shooting of field problems, Operational matters & field maintenance reminders are easy & user friendly.
Die Punching Machine Control Panel Section