Manufacturer and Exporter of Die Cutting Machine, Automatic Die Punching Machine for Packaging Units in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food and Beverages Industries from Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

Manufacturer and Exporter of Automatic Die Cutting (Punching) Machine for the Packaging industry engaged in providing paper packaging for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food, Beverages Industries etc.

Offers Die Cutting Machine, Automatic Die Cutting Machine for Paper Packaging.
Manufacturer and Exporter of Flatbed Automatic Die Punching Machine in India.
Our Range of Machinery Includes Die Cutting Machine, Die Punching Machine, Automatic Die Cutting Machines for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food & Beverage Industries.
Excel Machinery Pvt. Ltd., Gandhinagar, India is the Manufacturer and Exporter of Die Cutting Machine, Automatic Die Cutting Machine.
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Automatic Die Cutting Machine, Automatic Die Punching Machine.

Features - Die Cutting Machine

  Sturdy, smooth performance and economic machine.

  Sheet punching in clear and accurate shape.

  Special designed feeder for high speed and accurate feeding.

  Simple, easy operation of machine from either side as assisted by PLC control.

  Safety designed to prevent operational accidents.

  Excellent versatility (suitable for small quantities and mass production).

  Self-diagnosis system with information system controlled by PLC, for fault detection.

  Double sheet detector.

  Minimum maintenance and environment friendly.

  Non-stop feeder-delivery.*

Feeder Die-cutting Section Delivery
Die Cutting Machine for Packaging Industry.

Die Punching Machine

Automatic Die Cutting Machine
The most flexible type of unit to accommodate most of the materials like paper, board, laminate sheets, etc.; The feeder is easy to handle, requires minimum setting time, allowing precise feeding while the machine is running.

Accurate die cutting at high speed for desired quantity production. Due to stringent selection of materials we ensure accurate, precise and long lasting cutting performance with flexibility.
It can be relocated for all types of assignments without loss of time. Uniform cutting pressure can be adjusted with simple turning of wheel for uniform and even output for a time bound delivery.

Constant, precise and automatic pilling of sheets on pallet without stopping of machine, to deliver neatly cut out sheets & counted for desired numbers.

Control Safety device  
Automatic Die Punching Machine Flatbed Automatic Die Punching Machine.  

PLC control assists, smooth operation and self-diagnosis system, for faulty set up and indicate necessary damage control of machine.

Various safety devices are provided in built for smooth, efficient and environmental friendly provision for the operator.
*Optional at extra cost.

SPECIFICATIONS - Die Cutting Machine

Specifications of Die Cutting Machine

  Maximum sheet size 905 mm x 635 mm (35.63x25 inch)
  Minimum sheet size 355 mm x 305 mm (14x12 inch)
  Maximum cutting size 895 mm x 620 mm (35.23x24.40 inch)
  Paper thickness 0.1 mm to 1.5 mm
  Maximum cutting pressure 180 ton
  Gripper margin setting 8 - 14 mm
  Maximum cutting speed 5000 sheets/hour
  Total Power 7.5 kw
  Size of machine L 3.9 mtr. x W 3.2 mtr. x H 1.9 mtr.
  Total weight 8 ton approx.

* Specifications and feature are subject to change without previous notice.




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